My money was less mine and more his!

This post is by Clandestine P, a woman of grit, who will be writing her story and opinions under this pen name. Opinions expressed are personal views of the author. Welcome P!

Women and finances be like – The confused, the clueless and the lazy!

Add to that, the skeptical and scared!

Let me start by addressing the elephant in the “bedroom” and I’m not talking about the one is his pants and much more desired (one can only and always hope)!

Women have already been struggling with enough in their personal, physical and professional life. Add to that the controversial concept of “feminism”! Here goes nothing.

Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social gender equality. This includes fighting gender stereotypes and seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.

Having established that in a neutral perspective, I unapologetically declare that “my” money is a big part of my feminism. And I’m not talking about my “Daddy’s” or “Sugar Daddy’s” or “Sugar Mommy’s”(why the hell not) money.

But first, the Daddy Money

Flashback to when I was 21 years old. University of the Arts London..swanky apartment..exotic vacations..destination parties..and add a boy toy to the list (Yes, I had the cougar instincts very early in life). Yes, my daddy sponsored all that! And I had no regrets blowing his money away in the blink of an eye..that’s why the world calls me a spoilt brat!

Shit came flying my way when I decided that my lifelong erraticism and alcoholism must be self-sponsored and that was my first step towards becoming an adult!

My debut in the Indian “job” industry wasn’t a blockbuster. It started with a meager INR 27000 after having spent a crore on my “education”. The amount of time it took me to find that job was heart-breaking and depressing to be very honest.

Again, despite all my “self-enlightenment”, I had to seek “daddy fund” to sustain while I eagerly waited for my “first” salary. Rented a beautiful and more importantly “furnished” apartment for 10K in Gurgaon in 2011 (those were the happy days). How you ask ? I borrowed 20K from a friend and paid brokerage, deposit and one month rent!

Yippie! My own apartment after bunking in with my bestie for more than 2 months! Well, that’s what they are there for!

I loaded my little baby car with all the utensils that my dear mother could imagine I will need to cook, a gas cylinder (which I was half expecting to blow up mid-way), gas stove, cutlery, crockery and all that jazz. I think that was the day my mother actually did my “bidai” and said “phew! I hope she’s never coming back”.

Lo behold…I never did!

Why troubles don’t EVER come knocking!

Cut to 2012, I was back to Bom”baby” after a stint of about three years and a lot of craziness.

That’s when I met this guy..oh wait..did I tell you that he was damn cute..took my heart away instantly!

And oh was only a day since we met and we were already moving in.

That’s where the troubles started.

So far, the finances were clear. He paid for the first night out and I paid for the next and so on. Sex was complimentary and amazing by the way!!! Things got complicated when somehow without realizing and desiring, we fell in love against all odds.

Moving in together is the most amazing experience..ahem!

…to be continued.

This post is by Clandestine P, a woman of grit, who will be writing her story and opinions under this pen name. Opinions expressed are personal views of the author. Welcome P!

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